4 golden steps to learn a technology

4 golden steps to learn a technology

The programmer likes to be an expert, which is why he makes every effort to learn new technologies.

Suppose you are going to learn a new component introduced by Google (for example, Kotlin), what do you do ?!

Here I will introduce you to four very simple and obvious steps that all of you friends must be familiar with, but you did not pay attention to the importance of their order or did not emphasize them very hard.

STEP 1 :

Visit the official website and use ‌quick start guide

Every framework, technology that you need to learn must have an official website that you must visit in the first place! And it must have a section called quick start, which introduces and uses that tool very quickly and easily, so be sure to use this feature.

Example: To learn Kotlin, you go to its official website.

It has a section called Language Guide, which will look like the following page, which introduces you to Kotlin for Android and explains how to use it very quickly to get acquainted.

Kotlin official website

STEP 2 :

Use video tutorials on the same topic

There are many sites such as YouTube and educational sites that provide you with very good and complete courses for various educational topics.

So in the next step you have to watch videos about that technology!

Example: To take the next step in learning Kotlin, you need a video course.

Different courses or different YouTube channels that you can easily search or get advice from friends who have learning experience.

Kotlin Courses

STEP 3 :

Preparing and reading the book in the desired field

The third step is to read the book about that technology. Books will be available in .pdf, .epub or paper form. So be sure to use the book to learn.

Example: There are many books to learn Kotlin, for example, I will introduce you to the book Kotlin in Action.

Kotlin in Action

STEP 4 :

Write and build a project using that technology

When you are about to get acquainted with a tool, then you need to take action. That is, you must enter the code. You have done enough research and you need to put all of them into practice in the final step.

Example: To learn Kotlin , just write a Kathleen project with the help of the studies you have had!

Kotlin Project

Just spend enough time for each of these steps! Hopefully one day we will all become real experts.

Good luck!

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Sana Ebadi | 08:30 PM Saturday 25 April 2020

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