My Experience Of MacBook Pro M1 for Android programming

Apple unveiled the MacBook Pro 2020 at its One More Thing event. Apple says the M1 chip has the best CPU performance per watt and the fastest integrated graphics in the world, and demonstrates amazing machine learning performance. Cupertino residents trust the M1 to such an extent that they no longer sell the MacBook Air with the Intel chip.

If you are interested, you can check out more of this product on various sites. …

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In some companies, when installing JetBrains products, such as Android Studio, you will encounter a similar error that prevents your project from being built or synced:

“PKIX path building failed” and “unable to find valid certification path to requested target”

what is CI-CD?!

CD (Fastlane) + Android + Slack :

Chance is an important but not sufficient factor for the success roadmap

Each person lives with a purpose and motivation and designs their own life path plan.

There are many factors and parameters involved in how this roadmap is drawn.

Chance is a very important factor among these factors. Important factors such as:

The place of birth and life is the most important factor. A person who lives in a small town far from the capital will be behind the child who grows up in the capital in terms of growth and development.

The family and environment in which you grew up. A family that supports your good decisions and helps you…

Working while studying !? How to reach a balance !?

Last week, I had busy hours that I had to prioritize to reach three important items on a daily basis. It was hard and complicated, but these were not my first busy days.

The following tips will help me manage my time and activities. I found these in various books, college courses, and routine life. If you like to use them, maybe you will succeed.

1. Choosing the right university

You can take a big step in your field of specialization if you choose the right university with the right field of study where you can spend your free time studying. In this way, studying…

Robert C. Martin, better known as Uncle Bob, is the author of books such as Clean Code and Clean Coder. So stay with me.
Over the past decade, various architectures have been defined and used to design a structure for software projects, some of which have been welcomed and some of which have not.
Some of these architectures such as:

Hexagonal or Ports and Adapters architecture introduced by Alistair Cockburn.
Onion Architecture by Jeffrey Palermo (Onion Architecture)
Screaming Architecture by Mr. Bob Martin himself

If we talk a little about the above architectures, it should be said that each of…

The term SOLID expresses 5 important principles for object-oriented design, the complete form of which will be as follows:

Single Responsibility Principle
Open-Closed Principle
Liskov Substitution Principle
Interface Segregation Principle
Dependency Inversion Principle

Background in SOLID:

SOLID was introduced in the early 2000s by Robert Martin (Uncle Bob) and was coined by Michael Feathers. When these five principles of object-oriented design are put together, they help developers facilitate the development of sustainable systems.

Unit Test in Android programming based on TDD method

As an Android developer, you should be able to make sure that parts of the application you wrote work properly.
In Android programming, with the help of instrumentation & unit test, we can write a test for our project, which we are going to talk about in this article.

Unit testing Android applications can be divided into the following groups:

Local unit test(Java virtual machine platform testing) — Tests that can be performed on a JVM platform are called local tests. As much as possible, it is better to use local tests to test your software. …

StackOverFlow API

I have a special interest in working with different APIS.
For example, I worked with the Github API in an article.
This time I worked with StackOverflow and it was a very, very good experience.

Programming language :


Architecture :

Clean Architecture

Components :






Navigation Component


Material Design


API Reference :

Stack Exchange API v2.2


Screenshot :

I have friends who try to work very well on their professional aspect and are very successful and have high problem-solving skills and always have a good position in the team but have a few small flaws that I want to criticize!

Note: I do not want to talk about stereotypical and common discussions such as nutrition, waking up and the like, so stay tuned!

You are so bored that you go to such a conference, such a seminar! I sit at home or I stay, I have no overtime, go!

Well dear friend this is a mistake. You can…

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