Top Five Skills for a Successful Programmer

Top Five Skills for a Successful Programmer

We always have to tell those who are going to learn programming, or that they are on the way to learning, that programming is not just about writing a few lines of code that you have learned, or running a few commands in a row to build a program.

A successful programmer does not necessarily have a specific educational background. Rather, there is someone who creates and delivers a product with high speed and complete accuracy.

There are always people at the beginning of the path who are frustrated and think that they will not be able to program, but after a while they will be very active and strong and use their talent and initiative properly. So why did this happen? ? What happened?! They must have worked on their skills. But which skill ?!

Join me to learn the five skills a successful programmer must have.

If you learn these skills properly and value them like writing code, you will eventually become an expert and successful programmer that big companies will be looking for you and help you and your path.

Many people consider learning coding to be superior to learning these five skills, which I must say is not enough to become a good and successful programmer!

1. Search Skill:

Searching skills is the first skill a good programmer should know. Many people think that a programmer memorizes all the code and commands or writes them down and uses them. This may have been true in the 1980s and 1990s, but it is not today.

As long as the Internet exists and Google needs to keep leaking!

This was one issue, the next issue is that you face many new challenges and problems every day, and instead of going fast and asking in the forum and group, go to Google immediately if you do not succeed after trying for a long time. Ask someone who may have had the problem, and if you still can’t, get creative (refer to GitHub or specific documents) and become the one to fix it in StackOverFlow. Share with others.

The important thing is that when you encounter a problem, do not panic and do not get into a phase of grief. There is nothing that can not be solved because there is Google and search, and there must be people who have encountered this problem before you, and it is important that you search well. For example, if you work in Java, the keyword in the sentences you type in the browser should be Java. For example :

Java how to print message ?!

Or if you get an error, just copy the error and paste it in the browser.

If you are at the beginning of the road and do not know how to express your problem or desire to Google, just write in your native language (French) in google translate and copy it in English and write the name of the language you work with next to the sentence Get a set of results that may be similar to your question, so you will be looking for the same headline. That means copy the right title in the browser and get the right results.

2. Analysis:

Another problem a programmer may face is analyzing and finding solutions. He may know syntax perfectly and be familiar with all commands, but he does not know exactly what to do. He does not know logic . Ask someone else to do the analysis for it and do it only as a task.

It is better to know the skill of analysis and break down the task and reach the solution. See other systems and examples to help you analyze and structure. You have to go back to the first skill, which is search, and use it well. Here you do not have a problem with the programming language, but you have a problem with the implementation, which you can have an idea by referring to the examples of resources available on GitHub, etc.

In addition, as you move forward and work with more complex and larger systems, the importance of this issue becomes more and clearer.

For example, a skill like Database Design is very important. So seek to learn to analyze.

3. Debugging:

One of the most important skills you should consider and learn. There is no system or program without problems and bugs. There is no programmer who can spend a day without fixing bugs and problems.

So it is important to understand where the problem is and trace it and solve it. This is called debugging. For example, in Android with the help of Break Points, in html /css with the help of Inspect Element, …! In general, with the help of logging and line-by-line debugging, you can understand the problem. And the important thing is that you know the IDE you are working with well and can learn how to debug it.

So if you are in trouble and you are looking for help without debugging, you have not taken the right path.

4. Keyboard Typing:

Typing fast and using shortcuts will help you speed up your task. A good programmer learns fast typing with high accuracy. There are a number of sites that can help you with this.

And the important thing is to type in English. Guys, for programming Learning English to solve your problems and reading documents and searching is even more important than everything. So pay attention to it.

5. Code Library:

It is a skill that you will gradually acquire with enough experience, but it is good to learn it at the beginning of the path.

Use the code you wrote earlier in such a way that you can add it to the new projects you create as a package or standalone and modular class, which will speed up your work. So always think about preparing files and modules that have the structure.

So add them where you need them as a portable library. If you have this skill, you are always ahead of others.

And in last , everything is proportional and percentage. Nothing is one hundred percent right or wrong.

To be successful in a particular job or life, you need many factors, some of which are technical and some of which are Soft Skills. So the only way to succeed is to use all the available facilities and learn and follow the required skills. Do not forget motivation and effort.

good luck.

Thanks for reading! And if you enjoyed it, gimme a clap

Sana Ebadi | 22:47 PM, Friday, November 19, 2021



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